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ADE7753  Current Conversion problem

Question asked by venkatesh75 on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by aheredia

Hi Everyone,

I have started using ADE7753 recently. I was successful in reading the voltage register. 

Iam giving current through CT. The output of CT generates nearly 40mV @ full scale current. So I have selected an input range of 0.125V for current channel (V1P/V1N). Gain is set at '1'.

As per the datasheet the current register value should be 18,68,467d @ full scale ac-signal. I assume the register value equals 18,68,467d at a value of 0.125V (125mV). But to my surprise the value is reached at a voltage of 0.046V (46mV). When i give an input signal of 0.092V (92mV) iam getting a value around 37,00,000d.

What is the reason for such a behaviour.?