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adau144x SD input output question

Question asked by benybiles on Jun 23, 2018


I'm using ADAU1446 with ARM Dev board and TDM recording and playback is working.


Unfortunately the Dev board only supports one SD TDM pin on its Serial Audio Interface although I can configure it to work as SD input or output from DSP depending which mode I'm in ( record or playback )

I'm getting noise from having the SD pin connected to both input and output of the DSP serial input 4 & output 4.



My question;

Is there a way to make SD input / output pin 4  become completely detached / floating by a register write to IC1 ?



< EDIT >  this was a stupid question ! I had not really understood the clock routing in the DSP !

// resolved with this..


// DSP clks routed to input or output

// WARNING , default positions of input output clock domain effect register settings here ! 
ADI_REG_TYPE clkInput3[2] = {0x00, 0x00}; // Clk to inputs side of DSP
ADI_REG_TYPE clkOutput3[2] = {0x00, 0x01}; // Clk to outputs side of DSP


// Switch Clock Domain 3 to DSP OUTPUT 

// or

// Switch Clock Domain 3 to DSP OUTPUT