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Auto EQ, 17dB of output level missing

Question asked by AnotherChris on Jun 22, 2018

Hi there,

i tested the autoEQ for building crossover filters for a 8" woofer and a ribbon speaker. I measured some impulse responses of both speaker parts and was able to import everything (woofer and tweeter) into autoEQ. Filter calculation seems also be fine for both. When i look at the resulting frequency response in autoEQ everythings seems to be fine. But when i build everything to the ADAU1467 the tweeter looses around 17 dB of output and is phase inverted.


How did i found out?

I did some control measurements with ARTA (and of course you can hear it ;-)) . I reduced the woofers level with a gain block around 17 dB and did a phase invert. Now everything looks fine in ARTA (and thats what i want to hear!). I also used the "stimulus and probe" block to look directly to the autoEQs output. The autoEQs tweeter output is around 17dB less then the woofers output (and one of it is phase inverted). This seems a bug to me. Can any one rebuild this error?


I made a screenshot showing the filter calculation of autoEQ and the probe window. Target levels are also not changed. Everything is 0dB.