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Static RAM into Blackfin ASYNC Bank 2 and 3

Question asked by whogoesthere on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Is there any reason I cannot/should not map a fully static SRAM into ASYNC Bank 2 and 3 of a Blackfin 533 address space. My intention is to use the lower half of a 32 Mbit (2Mx16) parallel FLASH device which will be mapped into Bank0 and Bank1 with Banks2 and Banks3 mapped to a SRAM. The processor will boot from FLASH (BMODE1 =0, BMODE0 =1) as is the default for the EZ-KIT arrangement. I obviously reduce the amount of code space for my application but my application does not require the larger SDRAM space capability.


Bank3 - SRAM

Bank2 - SRAM

Bank1 - FLASH

Bank0 - FLASH


How would the LDF file be configured?

Many thanks for your help