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HMC851LC3C input voltage level requirement

Question asked by lac on Jun 22, 2018



I have question about the input voltage level requirement of this OR gate. I see that the min level is -1 V and max is 0.5 V. 

Currently, we have sine wave signal output from an oscillator with the range of -0.8 V to 0.8 V. We are using only single-ended signal. We use DC block right after output from the oscillator. We split that signal half and delay one of them. So each of the signal now is -0.4 V to 0.4 V. We are able to see 1 ns pulse output. However, we want to have a even narrower pulse. I am thinking that if I can make the signal voltage span over the entire range of -1 to 0.5 V, I would get a shorter pulse because of the faster rising time. Is this true? 

And what do you recommend to shift the voltage level to work properly with this range? Thank you.