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(ADP1046)To detect OCP

Question asked by donadona999s on Jun 22, 2018
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Hi !


Our customer want to use ADP1048 for DCDC.

This is automotive application and input voltage is 250~450V.

Output is 13.8V  145A 2kW.


As I asked at this thread, our customer think resistor will make too much heat.


I told that if our customer want to use CONSTANT CURRENT MODE, they need to feedback current information to ADP1046.

Anyway, they want to remove shunt resistor at secondary side and they want to control over current protect.

Can our customer set up ADP1046 to provide a constant voltage circuit having an over current protective circuit having a characteristic similar to a conventional fold-back characteristic?

Can OCP be done without turning off the oscillation and restarting it?


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