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(ADV728xA)Sync Depth Range

Question asked by donadona999s on Jun 21, 2018
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I have some questions for ADV728xA.

At datasheet, this is written.

Also I asked about sync depth at past.

(ADV7181D ADV7180 ADV7281 ADV7182)Sync Depth Range & Color Burst Range 



When our customer use ADV728x with differential CVBS, would the value will be this?

(AIN+) - (AIN-) = 20~200% = 57.2mV~572mV?


This is wrote at datasheet.

This means AIN input will be 1/4.

If our customer use 1Vpp input to connector, AIN1-AIN2 will be 200mVpp.

Also sync level will be 25%.

So the margin will be only 5%.

Does this connection diagram assume that the CVBS source is not 1 Vpp, output at 2 Vpp with a gain of 2 times, for example?


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