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ADV7280A I2C Failure

Question asked by Bivin on Jun 21, 2018
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I'm using ADV7280A decoder. Following voltage is supplied : DVDDIO =3.3V , AVDD=DVDD=PVDD=1.8V.

ALSB pin is grounded so slave address to write register is  hex(40).

Reset sequence is done as follows :

1) power down and reset is made zero for 10mS

2) then power down is made high

3) 30mS after power down high, reset is made high

4) 40mS after reset high, we start I2C communication.

Pull-up resistor used for I2C (SCL,SDA) are 4.7K and is pulled-up to 3.3V.

But decoder is not responding to the slave address and SDA remains high. Kindly suggest a method to debug. How to check whether IC is gone bad?