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ADV7393 - 16bit, 4:2:2, 1080i60 to CVBS setting

Question asked by DaleyR on Jun 21, 2018
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The following input has been connected to ADV7393 :

PCLK in : 74.25MHz

P15 : P8 - Y signals MSB to LSB

P7 : P0 - CrCb signals MSB to LSB


YCrCb are for 1920x1080 i60 source (actually output from ADV7619 HDMI receiver)


The objective is to output CVBS signal from DAC1 output. (480i or 576i format)


The following settings are done :


Table 123. 16-Bit 1080i YCrCb In, RGB Out
Subaddress Setting Description
0x17 0x02  ;Software reset.
0x00 0x1C ;All DACs enabled. PLL enabled (4×).
0x01 0x10 ;HD-SDR input mode.
0x02 0x10 ;RGB output enabled. RGB output sync
0x30 0x18 ;1080i at 30 Hz/29.97 Hz. HSYNC/VSYNC
synchronization. EIA-770.3 output levels.
0x31 0x01 ;Pixel data valid. 4× oversampling.


While measuring the CVBS output signal, the line frequency is at ~33kHz but not 15.734kHz or 15.625 kHz, CVBS signal is not detected by monitor, although there seems to be a composite signal output from ADV7393.


Appreciate any possible advice on what settings may be incorrect above ... many thanks !