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ad9914 drover and freq jump doesn't work

Question asked by Radarrr on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Radarrr

Hi, I am using the ad9914 evaluation board. Now, the signal of 950MHz ~ 1450MHz is generated by LFM. no dwell high only high. By the way, I want to connect to the OSK pin with the output of the DROVER pin to make a pulse shape, but no output is produced from the drover pin on the right of the evaluation board. Even if I use No dwell, it does not work and does not work even if I do not use it. I also want to use frequency jump, but this also does not work. Naturally, the enable freq jump pin (CFR2 [14]) and the enable freq jump pin (CFR2 [13]) are set high. I tried to control it directly with the MCU and tried the evaluation board software below but it does not work.