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Question regarding the AD7284 thermistor analog data inputs

Question asked by G4mE-bRe4k3r on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by steveb34

Currently using 1 AD7284 for a battery monitoring system, and the option for four thermistor inputs as an analog data source is what made this product attractive for our project. Instead of thermistor inputs, we are are using a fiber-optic temperature sensor and reading the temperature data from the batteries along the fiber length into labview and are going to convert that into an analog output that the AD7284 can read, however we are unsure as to what actions the AD7284 will perform upon receiving the analog data. What type/value should our analog signal output be so that the chip will recognize a certain voltage as a high temp reading, and what would the chip then do in regards to the cell balancing transistor control?