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Driving a DC Solenoid with 24VAC

Question asked by tyatyantsi on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by mthoren_adi

Hi Everyone,


I would like to put together a circuit that does the following function:

1) You input 24VAC.

2) It outputs 12VDC pulse to drive a 3W, 4Ω latched solenoid, pulse width minimum = 1 second.

3) Once 24VAC is removed, it outputs a negative outgoing 12VDC pulse to unlatch the solenoid.


The idea is to latch and unlatch a DC solenoid from a 24VAC signal which comes from a controller. You might be asking why not use a 24VAC solenoid and just reverse the polarity to unlatch! Well, where I am there's a huge price difference and my customer bought a large amount of these DC solenoids. And don't ask about the weird 24VAC signal  ;-)


Looking forward to your responses.