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signalfd() / timerfd() support?

Question asked by pj0585 on Dec 26, 2011
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Hi all,


I'm  working with blackfin BF537-STAMP board & blackfin-linux-dist  2010R1-RC5. I could succesfully build an image and load it into the  flash of my board.


I'm writing an application and I need timerfd() or signalfd() funtions.

When I try to include <sys/timerfd.h> or <sys/signalfd.h> the compiler gives me an error "No such file or directory".


If I include <linux/timerfd.h> or <linux/signalfd.h>, then I get the error message that 'signalfd' was not declared in this scope' or 'timerfd was not declared in this scope'.


Is there support for timerfd() and signalfd()? If yes, then what am I missing?