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Question asked by GeorgyS on Dec 26, 2011
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I use in the project bf527+uclinux.

I configure linux kernel ADI USB HOST controler.

At connection USB HUB to BF527, linux kernel sees a hub, But devices connected to a hub don't work.


in Hardware Reference:


Endpoint Setup and Data  Transfer

When the HOST_MODE bit is  set to 1, the USB cont roller operates as a host

for point-to-point  communications with another USB device. This second

device may be either a  high-speed, full-speed, or low-speed USB function,

but it may not be a hub.  Control, bulk, isochronous or interrupt transac-

tions are supported between  the USB  controller and the second device.


Here and a gift


How to bypass this restriction by a program way?
It is possible?