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AD9363  Tx RF PLL and Rx RF PLL unlocked with Dual Synthesizer mode

Question asked by Take_01 on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Vinod

I am using the AD9363 in TDD.
ENABLE STATE MACHINE is operated by using TXNRX Pin and ENABLE Pin.
It is operating in ENABLE Level Mode and Dual Synthesizer Mode.


When the ENABLE STATE is switched to the ALERT state or switched to the Rx state, sometimes the Tx RF PLL lock and the Rx RF PLL lock are unlocked.
However, it does not happen that the Baseband PLL lock is unlocked.
The time during which Tx RF PLL lock and Rx RF PLL lock are unlocked is about 3.3 us.
The confirmation method of Tx RF PLL lock and Rx RF PLL lock status is confirmed by Control Output pin (with setting register address 0x035, data 0x01).


Since it operates in Dual Synthesizer Mode, we assume that no state will occur PLL unlock in switching TX state RX state.
Are Tx RF PLL lock and Rx RF PLL lock  unlocked when TX state and RX state are switched?


Thanking you in advance.