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How am I to encode 14 bit images in ADV212?

Question asked by ariel on Dec 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by DaveD



I have an ADV212 connected to a FPGA.

I am encoding video in raw mode – vdata to jdata.

In 8 bit data (vdata[15..8]=image, vdata[7..0]=0) I get excellent results.

In 14 bit data (vdata[15..2]=image, vdata[1..0]=0) I set PREC field in PMODE1 register to 3 and yet I get a grey picture.

I tried going ad absurdum, and I give vdata=0xFFFF, so that I expect to always get a white image, no matter what the precision is.

Setting PMODE1.PREC=0 (8 bit) gives a white picture. Any other setting gives a grey image.

What is wrong? What other register must I configure?


Thanks, Ariel