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AD9375 DC power Supply

Question asked by Golan_X on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by PVALAVAN


At the moment i'm working on the schematic of the AD9375 and i have a few questions regarding to the DC power recommended circuit:


1) Pins G7, G8, G9, F12 Note : "Sensitive to to aggressors" what do i need to do with this note regarding to the schematic and the layout?

2) Pins F11, C4 Note: "1.3V Supply Input for Transmitter VCO LDO Regulator" But by the reference design you Connect it to the Bulk regulator (ADP5054APCZ) and didn't use LDO. is it ok?

3) For VDD_IF the recommended design using LDO but this LDO is not connected to anywhere (it should be connected to the VDD_IF_LDO but you wrote on R736 DNI so i would like to know where it is recommended to take this voltage from?

4) It seems that all Ground Pins are connected to the same ground. There is not requirement to split the Analog and the digital ground?