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LTM4644 enable problem

Question asked by oea77 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by SYoung
  1. In one of my project, I am using LTM4644 Step-Down Regulator for FPGA power. I give 5V power to Vin from power supply and I want to get 1V2 – 2V5 – 3V3 – 1V8 outputs; 5V is given to RUN1 – RUN2 – RUN3 – RUN4 pins from power supply. Third (3V3) and fourth (1V8) outputs are operating normally but first (1V2) and second (2V5) outputs are disable. I am using same schematic and layout design for all outputs except feedback resistors. Moreover, when power supply restart many times,  first and second outputs are rarely enable. Besides that, when RUN pins voltage is meausured with multimeter, first and second channels start to operate. Can you help me about this unfamilier situation?