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AD9954 power consumption on each power rail

Question asked by JordanG on Dec 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by DSB

Dear Analog Support,

I've made a proto board with 3x AD9954 and found that the Analog 1.8V supply's stabilizer IC gets quite hot. I was experimenting for a while this way, but (for different reason) I need to make a new proto board. Now I want to design the PSU well, but I could not find the power consumption per power rail in the datasheet.


Another, less importanat question, I do dyncronize the 3 DDS (which will be just two now) by putting the SYNC_CLK > SYNC_IN connected from U1>U2>U3. Clock also.

I make a two DDS version now, and I see in the datasheet that at the example circuit (page36-37) the SYNC is not one way, but it is connected both direction. DUT1>DUT2 and DUT2>DUT1. What is the reson for that ? FOr 2 chips, should I do the same ? I keep changing freq, sweep etc and the contolled phase difference is essential.




Gabor Jordan