EVAL-ADAU1467 - documentation errata

Discussion created by mkorus on Jun 18, 2018

Customer asked me if there is any more documentation for EVAL-ADAU1467 than on

Revision UG-1134 available on a website contains errors

  1. page 33 (switched labels on lines )  - SDATA_IN1 line is crossed with LRCLK_IN1/MP11
  2. no information how AD1937 is connected
  3. D7 is connected to MP14, while on picture  (page 27) there is label WRITEBACK – anyhow toggling MP14 doesn’t lit D7 LED
  4. signal MP12 should be on header J3 pin4 – however J3 has only 3 pins (page 26)
  5. Signal MP5 should be on TP56 (page 26) – but there is no TP56 further on schematic


Searched also on – but without success


Any help is appreciated