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ADE7880 Voltage RMS Value (AVRMS) Reading Issue

Question asked by Mr.C on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Mr.C

Hello masters,


I am newbie at ADE7880. I have own board with ADE7880 and STM32. I am using SPI communication protocol. I did power up procedure and can read registers have default value.(such as LCYCMODE = 0x78). But when i try to read 24 bit Voltage RMS value such as AVRMS or similar, i read always constant value that is 1038831(decimal) even if no plug with main voltageI couldn't find solution.

Should I initialize some register to read these values or what? I will be glad if you help me about what i did wrong.


My STM32 code is blow:


init_SPI1(); // SPI initialization
/*************** Power Up Procedure***********************/
//Start Power UP Sequence
ADE7880_SPI_Select (); // Lock SPI ( toogle three times SS )
GPIO_ResetBits(GPIOB, GPIO_Pin_3); // Reset bit is low during Power-Up

ADE7880_SPI_Write8bits (0xE7,0xFE,0xAD);
ADE7880_SPI_Write8bits (0xE7,0xE2,0x14);
ADE7880_SPI_Write8bits (0xE7,0xFE,0xAD);
ADE7880_SPI_Write8bits (0xE7,0xE2,0x04);
ADE7880_SPI_Write16bits (0xE2,0x28,0x0001); // DSP RUN Command
GPIO_SetBits(GPIOB, GPIO_Pin_3); // Reset bit is high at end of the Power-Up procedure

//End of Power UP Sequence



Voltage_Raw = ADE7880_SPI_Read24bits (0x43 , 0xC1); // Voltage_Raw (AVRMS ) value is always 1038831