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ADCMP 572 Hysterisys graph

Question asked by Yuya on Jun 18, 2018
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My customer is considering using ADCMP 572,
A 1 pF capacitor is connected in series to the input pin (Vp, Vn), a digital pulse wave is input, and the output is evaluated.

The resistance of the HYS pin was measured at 0 Ω and VCCI = VCCO = 3.3 V.
From Figure 20 of the data sheet, it should be ± 25 mV hysteresis, but if it did not become about + 35 mV, output switching did not occur.


#1  Is there detailed data of hysteresis between 0 kΩ and 1 kΩ as shown in the attached image?

      As far as the graph is concerned, it seems that HYS will be over 50 mV at 0 kΩ.

      What I would like to know most is the hysteresis value at 0 kΩ and its error.

      AADCMP572_Hystersis graph


#2  Is the condition where the output reacts when exceeding hysteresis, only voltage? Does the pulse width etc. have

      any relation?


#3  Is the circuit in Fig. 20 measured, Figure 28?


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