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Re: fmcomms5 with matlab via libiio

Question asked by manoj@loka on Jun 17, 2018
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Hi Travis,


I have purchased a ZC706 + FMCOMMS5 board to do a prototype of a DoA demo system using 4 antennas. My plan is to use Simulink as they have many ready to use DoA blocks. I am trying matlab & simulink after a gap of 15 years and finds everything lot more complex than expected..:)


I have been able to get the fmcomms5.m Matlab code and the simulink box working. So far so good.


From what I see within the code and the block, the input is a sinusoid generated internally for demo purposes . For our project, we need to receive signal from 4 antennas at  Rx_1A, Rx_1B, Rx_2A and Rx_2B.


What changes should I do to the code and block to make FMCOMMS5 receive signals from external so that a 4 antenna  DoA algorithm can be used to process the input signals?  Would really appreciate your help...Thank You




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