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Data transmission through HMC6300/6301

Question asked by yzzhsx123 on Jun 17, 2018


   I am utilizing HMC6300/6301 connected to Tx and Rx  to transmit/receive the 16-QAM data, however, the iio-oscilloscope I use to display signal can only show 4-QAM (like attached picture). Whatever how I changed the type of QAM (like 8QAM, 32QAM), it can only display the 4-QAM signal. By the way, the iio-device is FPGA with AD-FMCDAQ2.

   I have checked the FPGA + AD converter part, it doesn't have transmission issues. So did I miss some necessary setup for the HMC board? 

Hope anyone with similar experience can share with me, thank you soooo much !!!