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Is it possible to achieve 8-bit with 6GHz bandwidth for Dual mode in AD9172? what will be the setting for JESD204B?

Question asked by keddy on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by landsman

Hi there,

My customer has a few questions regarding AD9172.


1)In p28 Table 13 of the AD9172 datasheet, the last line refers in the Application column refers to 6GHz real DAC. It would appear that  this mode only one of the two DACs operates since the data rate is limited by the 8 lane serial inputs to 8*15.4/16 or 6.16Gsps. The maximum instantaneous bandwidth per AD9172 is then no more than 3GHz. Please help to confirm.


2) Is it possible to achieve dual DAC mode with 8-bit resolution and 6GHz bandwidth per channel? If yes, what will be the settings? 


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