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Question asked by rajkanika on Jun 17, 2018
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I am running in to an issue with EVAL-ADE7953 board for my application. My application to measure RMS current of an AC universal motor. The issue i have is when I configured the circuit and EVAL board according to the block diagram attached, the ADE7953 chip was damaged. Below picture shows my wiring diagram:



The picture shows where the IC is damaged (around 11 and 12 pins -- Voltage detect pins):


Here is the jumper configuration on the board:


1) I am not sure why the part got damaged ?

2) I have noticed that in the Application note, the following schematic is recommended:


   Question: Why is the Phase Line after the Filter is connected to IAN pin, shouldn't it be connected to IAP instead?



Any thoughts or help could be very much appreciated. Thank you.



Raj Kanika.