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BF 527 Ethernet Data Send Issue

Question asked by Satnooka on Jun 16, 2018



I am using BF527 custom Board. I have modified INETD echo server application for my application, I have used Server threads with three ports for handling three different clients with associated Receive and send threads to handle data. A have used another thread for embedded application with timer Interrupt. My problem is When I am testing the Server which send data packet every second to the Hereculus application made as client. I am able to connect and send the data to host but after few seconds the client does not recieve the packet. But the server is continously sending the data packet with send function returning no. of data bytes send. But unable to receive at the client end. when I probe using wireshark application, the host is initiating ARP for IP address.I am trying for past two weeks. Kindly help. Another problem is how do I use ethernet and Uart in the same application.