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HMC7044 and SYNC signal triggering pulse generator

Question asked by ZHolomoca on Jun 15, 2018


I have a few questions reagarding SYNC signal and pulse generation.


1/ When "SYNC Pin Mode Selection" is set to SYNC and the SYNC event is generated I get pulses on outputs set as Pulse Generator. Why does it happen? I'd expect this only when "SYNC Pin Mode Selection" is set to Pulsor.


2/ When "SYNC Enable" is disabled for a particular channel, "SYNC Pin Mode Selection" is SYNC and the SYNC event is generated, I observe a stream of pulses on Pulse Generator outputs as in the previous case but having a different pulse count. I wasn't able to connect this behaviour with anything in the user manual.


3/ Why Multislip option causes one additional pulse in the pulse stream?


Thank you for you help.