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LTC 2984 IC interfacing with atmega 328p on breadboard

Question asked by tshivam on Jun 15, 2018
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I am interfacing LTC 2984 IC with atmega 328p on breadboard. I am able to run the LTC 2984 demo software when i am connecting the atmega 328p with LTC IC. I am getting readings when i am viewing on the 2984 demo software, but i am unable to get readings on the serial monitor of arduino ide when i am uploading the generated c code on the microcontroller. On the serial monitor i am getting only the text passed in serial monitor, the values which come as a result in void loop function are not displaying on the serial monitor. Is it because of some polling function as i am connecting the sensor directly on the channel of the LTC IC. I am not using the DC 2399A or the quick eval connector.