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Recommended update over AD7194

Question asked by stackdaniel on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by JellenieR

I'm selecting an ADC for an application measuring seven resistive load cells, using an amplifier gain of 128, in sequence (aiming for an individual rate of about 420 Hz, for a combined sample rate of 60 Hz). I've been using an AD7194 for prototyping, and it seems decently suited to the application. However, I've noticed that Analog Devices lists it as "production", rather than "recommended for new designs". I've seen several other ADCs (such as AD7173-8), which seem to offer better noise performance, and are listed as recommended. However, none of these appear to include an amplifier stage between the multiplexer and ADC. I'm wondering if there's a more recommended ADC for this application. Thanks!