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AD9102 Output Problem

Question asked by TakYoung on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2018 by TakYoung

Hello, I am trying to test AD9102.

(I want to 40khz sine wave using AD9102.)


I have a AD9102 EVM board. I trying to test  with Software provided by analog device. It works fine.

I attached schematic AD9102 part. Please refer followings;


Check LDO Power PIN 4,6,22 : 1.8V


I followed the source code provided by the software.




REG_00 0x0000
REG_01 0x0E07
REG_02 0x0000
REG_03 0x0000
REG_04 0x4000
REG_05 0x4000
REG_06 0x4000
REG_07 0x4000
REG_08 0x0000
REG_09 0x1F00
REG_0A 0x1F00
REG_0B 0x1F00
REG_0C 0x1F00
REG_0D 0x0000
REG_0E 0x0000
REG_0F 0x0000


REG_10 0x0000
REG_11 0x0000
REG_12 0x0000
REG_13 0x0000
REG_14 0x0000
REG_15 0x0000
REG_16 0x0000
REG_17 0x0000
REG_18 0x0000
REG_19 0x0000
REG_1A 0x0000
REG_1B 0x0000
REG_1C 0x0000
REG_1D 0x0000
REG_1E 0x0000
REG_1F 0x0000


REG_20 0x000E
REG_21 0x0000
REG_22 0x0000
REG_23 0x0000
REG_24 0x0000
REG_25 0x0000
REG_26 0x1212
REG_27 0x1232
REG_28 0x0111
REG_2A 0x0101
REG_2B 0x0101
REG_2C 0x0003
REG_2D 0x0000
REG_2E 0x0000
REG_2F 0x0000


REG_30 0x0000
REG_31 0x0000
REG_32 0x4000
REG_33 0x4000
REG_34 0x4000
REG_35 0x4000
REG_36 0x0001
REG_37 0x7E00
REG_38 0x0000
REG_39 0x0000
REG_3A 0x0000
REG_3B 0x0000
REG_3C 0x0000
REG_3D 0x0000
REG_3E 0x0007
REG_3F 0x0500


REG_40 0x0000
REG_41 0x0000
REG_42 0x0000
REG_43 0x0000
REG_44 0x0002
REG_45 0x0000
REG_46 0x0000
REG_47 0x0000
REG_48 0x0000
REG_49 0x0000
REG_4A 0x0000
REG_4B 0x0000
REG_4C 0x0000
REG_4D 0x0000
REG_4E 0x0000
REG_4F 0x0000


REG_50 0x2710
REG_51 0x0000
REG_52 0x0000
REG_53 0x0001
REG_54 0x0000
REG_55 0x0000
REG_56 0x0000
REG_57 0x0001
REG_58 0x1770
REG_59 0x0000
REG_5A 0x0000
REG_5B 0x0001
REG_5C 0x0FA0
REG_5D 0x0000
REG_5E 0x0000

REG_1E 0x0001
REG_1D 0x0001




But, It seems to full wave rectifier


I noticed the difference IOUTP between EVM board and my board.

AD9102 EVM DC offset : 0.5V

My board DC offset : 2.38V


Can someone suggest me a solution ?(such as changing the value of the address or adding another address into initialization)


thank you.


Best regards,

Tak Young