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AD9912--the differences of using DAC_OUT,OUT_CMOS and OUT as output,including register settings

Question asked by vjr2006 on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by KennyG

i have some troubles when using OUT_CMOS and OUT.

1.  according to the datasheet ,there's no special settings needed when making DAC_OUT as the output,i can use a oscilloscope to read the frequency and amplitude of output my application,to get more lager amplitude of the output,there need to use OUT_CMOS and OUT.according to table 32 and table 33 in the datasheet,i set the register following the description,but there's not any output frequencise,and no output amplitude.i have doubts in setting the  driving registers.can you provide example settings to help me using  OUT_CMOS and OUT as DDS's output.

2.  whether there need a balun when using HSTL ouput to convert its resistance to 50 Ω or not?

Urgent reply,thank you.