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FreeRTOS for ADSP-BF70x - getting started with drivers?

Question asked by matthiaswe on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by matthiaswe

Hi all,


I have started to take a look at the FreeRTOS port for Analog Devices processors recently. The demo perfectly works out of the box. As a next step I'd like to play around with the ADI drivers for specific peripherals (SPI, UART, etc.).


I tried to reuse code which uses the SPI driver. The executin finally hangs at a call of adi_spi_ReadWrite waiting forever. I can track it down to the call of adi_osal_SemPend(pDevice->pDevData->hSemHandle, ADI_OSAL_TIMEOUT_FOREVER). So, the expected semaphore is never made available - which should possibly be done by the user in a callback function?


Before I start diving in to deep into debugging... is there a good starting point for the ADI FreeRTOS port and how it plays together with the ADI drivers and the OSAL?


Kind regards,