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Question asked by amboyle on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by ValeriaToff

I have customer that has the following question, I  check the schematic and only things that are floating are the Zx and ZX_I and NrevP. AGND are DGND are connected to ground with resistor. I have schematic, but don't want to post on here for confidentially reasons: Can you help asap? Here is their question:


I wanted to verify our power factor reading and our voltage connections.


We are currently running a Phase-Neutral and a Phase-Phase design connected to this.  We are currently having our Hot phase connected to VP and our Return Phase (or Neutral) connected to VN.


According to the FAQs, this appears to be correct.  However, we are reading a negative power factor (both PFA and PFB registers) when we apply a load.  When we experimentally applied the voltage with the opposite polarity (of what we mentioned above), it seems that this corrects the issue.


I was curious if we have been connecting this incorrectly somehow, or if there is an offset we need to apply (mentioned in an errata document somewhere?).