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Connection not found to AD5933\5934 EB

Question asked by anya on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by mcee

Dear Analog Devices expert,

Hope you are well. We are using the impedance analyzer AD5933\5934EB.


When we download two related software, and run it with XP OS:

(1)AD5933 Rev1.5 from your website, it doesn't work and complains: "Firmware fail to download check USB-connection".


(2)AD5933BIO_RevA  and from an Analog Devices expert, and he upload this file in Engineer Zone. The device doesn't work as well, and it complains: No matching system found.

Do you have some updated version software for this evaluation board?


Otherwise, is this board too old to use? We found that the other popular version, called AD5933\5934EBZ, is it the updated version firmware? We prefer to use devices with Win7 operation system, and we found that AD5933\5934EB only can be applied with XP operation system. We also tried to change the compatibility property to run these above software with Win 7 as well, it complains the same thing as what we got when we run with XP OS. Is it a good choice if we choose the popular impedance board AD5933\5934EBZ?


Thank you very much and looking forward to your response.

Kind regards.