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AD628 common mode offset on the output

Question asked by RAURIOL on Jun 13, 2018
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i'm using an AD628 on my project.

I'd like to measure a 0-30mV signal with a common mode voltage between 0-5V.


Here is the circuit :


The Gain of this circuit is 10 (First stage gain: 0.1, Second stage gain: 100).


According to the datasheet, the error induced by the input common mode on the output is as follow:


In my case that means : Voffset = 0.1 x 3 x 100 / (10^3.75) = 5mV

and so an error of 1.7% on the output.


But the reality is worst : for a 3V common mode i find a 14mV offset error on the output...


Does anybody  have a solution to my problem ?

What am I missing ?


Thank you