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Designing PCB for ADAU1701 / SigmaStudio questions

Question asked by Audiodude on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by DaveThib

Hello everybody


I want to design a new PCB for the ADAU1701 DSP processor. I would like to build it into existing high quality power amplifier. Can anybody give me some advices to create the best possible PCB for the ADAU1701?


The amplifier itself provides 15 volt negative and 15 volt positive for logics and input stage. When using a voltage regulator like a LM78L33 (or something like that) is it possible to connect all the supply connections of the ADAU1701 to this regulator? Or is it better to create a seperate second supply for the digital or analog parts of the ADAU1701? In last case, do i need to seperate the digital from the analog grounds? Do both need ground planes? 


I have also 2 questions about programming with SigmaStudio:


Is it possible to create a led level output meter with some leds connected to the GPIO outputs?


And is it possible to make a function that rise up the audio signal slowly when the amplifier/DSP has started up? Just to avoid speaker damage when amplifier turns on with full signal present.


Thank you very much!

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