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LT4356 Inrush current issue with LTC4015

Question asked by Kengo on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Zack

Dear Team,


We have developed power management board with the reference of LTC4015 demo board.  In our board the LTC4015 is getting burnt due to the inrush current when we power on the battery (Li-Ion battery, 26V, 3.5Ah).  We implemented our own inrush current protection circuit with the reference of LT4356 demo board.  


But still LTC4015 is getting burnt when we switch off and On frequently.  Request your complete support to solve this issue.  The MOSFET (Q1C) which we've used in the LT4356 board also went bad, this caused LTC4015 getting damaged.  We've a delivery of this project to customer, sorry we are coming at the last moment.  Definitely you guys have solved this kind of issues, Request you to provide the working schematic.


Thanks in Advance!!


Thank you,