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Inquiry for IMU product details

Question asked by bokert77 on Jun 12, 2018


While looking at IMU product, I was wondering exactly what the performance and

features of the product meant.

Please refer to below and let me know detailed information


1.Gyro Input Range (min I °/s)

2.Gyro In-Run Bias Stability (typ°/hr)

3.Gyro Angular Random Walk (typ I °/rthr)

4.Gyro Noise Density (typ I (°/s)/rtHz)

5.Gyro Linear G (typ I (°/s)/g)

6.Gyro Axis to Axis Alignment (typ I °)

7.Gyro Bias Repeatability (typ I °/s)

8.Accel. Range (g)

9.Accel. In-Run Bias Stability (typ I g)

10.Calibrated Temp Range (℃)