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Sonometer, ¿SGTL5000?

Question asked by PedroAD on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by DaveThib

Hello, good morning. I am Pedro and I am working on build a sonometer class 1, which allows field work with precision. I have two possible solutions.


The first one is make it analogical:
A micro electrec capacitor to get the noise, a Pre-Amplifier circuit. A filter A, the filter most similar to the human ear (from 20Hz until 20KHz). The ADuC7061 ADC of 24 bits and 8KHz, to process the information with the ESP32 microprocessor, information which will be send by I2C or I2S.


The second solution could be with the SGTL5000 which has a variable gain, a filter bank, and an ADC (works at 16 bits and 44KHz) and a microprocessor, all integrated. In addition, it has a SD slot.


I would like to know which solution would be the best, ¿Is possible to make a sonometer class 1 whith the SGTL5000?¿Has AD a similar solution or a better one? ¿Has AD a family name products for sonometers?.