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Unable to power up the ADIS16488

Question asked by Blue. on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Anna123

Hello! I am have been experiencing some trouble powering up and communicating with the ADIS16488 over SPI. I am attempting to interface with the sensor using a Raspberry Pi 3, with the SPI settings configured according to the specs from the datasheet (SPImode 3, MSB first, max. clk rate of 15MHz). I have also connected the RST to vdd to keep it high. 


I was trying to read the Product ID register by writing 0x8000, 0x7E00, then 0x0000 to the ADIS16488 IMU, with 10 ms delay between each message. However, I am only recieving 0x0000 back from the sensor.


Upon further testing, I found out that there is no current drawn by the ADIS16488 from the power supply even though the voltage across the vdd and ground is sufficient at 3.3 V. The ADIS16488 is powered using an external 3.3V power supply while the Raspberry Pi is powered via USB. Does this mean that the IMU unit is dead? Hoping to get some suggestions on how I can troubleshoot and test the sensor.