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Active Cell balancing using LTC3300

Question asked by Nuwantha on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by WATaylor

Hi All,

We are designing a battery pack with balancing and monitoring circuits for off-grid storage. We decided to go with balancing IC LTC3300. We have few questions

Is there a limitation for no.of parallel cells in a 6s configuration for active balancing IC LTC3300. (our end product will require around 30 parallel cell stacks)

What are the external components that change with number of parallel cells

What is the difference between part numbers LTC3300-1 / LTC3300-2 ?

We used LT SPICE to simulate using the available model for LTC3300-1 however there's no model for companion monitoring IC LTC6803, so we couldn't do a simulation on that. is there anyone who did a simulation on these ic's if so please share your experiance

Thank you in advance