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Validity of MQA Claims in regards to ADC's

Question asked by Shadders on Jun 11, 2018
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You may or may not be aware of MQA, from MQA Ltd, which is a proprietary audio coding system which claims to correct the temporal smear/blur of recordings (this is I believe dispersion), and is stated to “deblur” recordings.


The MQA site is as follows :


The AES presented MQA paper is as follows :


In the discussion of MQA on Computer Audiophile site, and other forums, there is a lot of resistance to MQA since the engineers are aware of the technical aspects of audio recording, and see that MQA claims are false.


The Computer Audiophile site is as follows :


The thread of significance :


For myself, I have some understanding of digital audio, and I too believe that MQA cannot “deblur” or reverse dispersion.


The claims of MQA to me, are an insult to the semiconductor manufacturers of ADC/DAC IC’s, since what MQA Ltd have purported to have discovered, has eluded the entire semiconductor industry with their many thousands of years collective knowledge and experience.


The request is, that yourselves analyse the MQA claims, and make a statement of the validity of their claims, or restate that your products do not suffer from the sub optimal engineering for which MQA claims to resolve.


If you do not make any such statement or analysis, then I understand, since this is a contentious and political issue.


I am writing to all major semiconductor manufacturers.


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