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Additional information on ev-demorad24g

Question asked by mauricewtf on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by aandrews

Hello analog RF forum,


I am interested to buy the ev-demorad24g for an object detection application on sea.


Before buying the evaluation kit, I have a few questions to ask since the technical documentation on the product is low.


Q1) Do you provide electrical design of the demorad? If we want to go to a production state with the content of the evaluation board using the different chips : ADF5901 , ADF5904, ADF4159, ADAR7251 and ADSP-BF707, do you provide any layout, gerber files or any electrical design to start with?


Q2) Do you provide any source code used by the demorad? (either code for the GUI or most importantly the code for the DSP or any other programmable chips on the board ?) . If not, how do we use this board without re-writing everything in production?


Q3) Is it possible to put our own code in the DSP or we have to use as-is the demorad? If yes, do you provide guideline to do it?


Q4) Do you provide any support for any modification on the evaluation board? (example, we want to use another DSP or another antenna for our application on a production state)


Q6) It says that demorad send the data to the computer VIA USB, is it possible instead to send data over ethernet or something more "unwired"? 


Q7) I have read on another forum post, that the GUI isn't fully compatible with Linux and so the USB link to send data to host computer. Is it still the case or it is fixed already?


Thanks for your time.


Philippe Maurice