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Unable to do manual control of AD9959 with ardiuno uno

Question asked by Tanzir on Jun 11, 2018

Dear Good people,


I am trying to perform the external control of the Ad9959 evaluation board via the ardiuno uno board. Initially, I want to generate 1 MHz frequency for all the DAC outputs. I set W7 to manual and removed W1, W2, W3, and W10. 


Here is my pin connections


Ardiuno clock 13 to sck of Ad9959 (U2 row)

Pin 4 to Reset Ad9959 (U2 row)

Pin 7 to I/O update of Ad9959 (U2 row)

Mosi  11 to SDIO_0 of Ad9959  (U2 row)


I did not face any error while uploading the code in ardiuno. But the evaluation board is not responding at all. I am attaching the code for your review. Where could be the possible error? Please help me.