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ADE7880 Calibration Set up

Question asked by G.Kef on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

Hello to everyone,

i am trying to understand the way i can calibrate the ADE 7880 in both cases, in which i have two boards. The first board is supposed to be used measuring with Rogowski coils and for the second one CTs are planned to be used for measuring the current. After reading the appropriate documents i realised that:
In case i have a Rogowski Coil things are quite simple meaning that i can set my current waveform and my voltage waveform up to +- 500mV being able to set cos(phi) changing the angle (phase) between the 2 channels of the generator. Of course the transform ratio for each Type of the Rogowski Coil must be taken into account.
Is the method the same in case i want to do the calibration with the Current transformers? Is it enough when i use the signals of the generator, or do i need to use a current source for the current channels(IA_P,IA_N etc.?) This means that i i have to somehow prepare a current source which can provide the ADE7880 current, when i modify the amplitude of my voltage signal.
As you understand i am trying to simulate the signals that the ADE "sees" using the channels of a signal generator.