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Questions About Sigma Studio and its Software Modules

Question asked by dkybchoi on Jun 11, 2018

Hi ,

     We are going to develop a digital mixer with 21489. In order to reduce the software development time as much as possible, we do need to consider to start using SigmaStudio and its relevant software modules such as  SigmaStudio For SHARC and SHARC Audio Toolbox.  Furthermore  we will need to use Algorithm Designer to  customize some of modules as plug in included in end product.  But we have a few questions which are confusing us. 


1. Are the SigmaStudio and its relevant software modules such as SigmaStudio For SHARC and Audio Toolbox..etc and  Algorithm Designer enough for developing a small to middle scale digital mixer console ( e.g. 16In x 16 Out up to 32In x 32Out  ) with 21489 ( we are planning to use one 21489 for In Processing , one 21489 for Out Processing and one 21489 for FX Audio effects ) ?   Our concerns are how efficient the Application codes or algorithms generated by SigmaStudio For SHARC supporting such scales of product. 


2. In cases we need to customize some modules and implements them as plug ins being used in Sigma Studio .  How is it possible for us to debug our customized modules after it was connected in the schematic and downloaded into the target SHARC processor  ?  or we can only debug the module one by one as separated project in CCES first before integrating into the whole system by using Sigma Studio For SHARC  


          Thank you very much if you can share your ideas with us