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AD5700-1 Minimalistic design and components

Question asked by Maaziboy on Jun 10, 2018
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Hi forum!

I want to use HART modem AD5700-1with the intent of minimum possible complexity of operation and minimum # of components.My application is simple;i just want to make a half duplex uart bridge...i am designing a single pcb that can either take uart data in and put HART data out or take HART data in and put uart data out...the board is to be used for one purpose at a time...i want to use 5700-1 for its internal clock to reduce the fuss of external clock..i want to use internal filter hence hart In port shall be used instead of adc in...i have 5V available on the board hence i am providing 5V on Vcc and IOVCc...please help me finalize my schematic as to how would my final IC connections look like..

From pin 1 to pin 24

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