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ADALM-PLUTO Pre-processing I/Q Stream

Question asked by mdob on Jun 9, 2018

Hello, I have been using the Pluto SDR with MATLAB for the last few weeks. I have an application that could benefit from pre-processing on the Pluto. I have been looking into modifying the firmware to do some pre-processing on the stream before pushing it over USB. I have the build environment running and have been looking through the code to see where I could add some processing of the I/Q samples before they are accessed with libiio. Where should I start looking to modify the data stream?


I have also looked into running a local instance of libiio on the Pluto, processing the samples, and then storing them to a FIFO but have had issues cross-compiling an application. If anybody has some resources for that, let me know! The developer wiki page has a section for that but it looks like it's just a placeholder.


I am hoping to achieve higher sample rates than over USB by processing and decimating the data onboard. If I'm not on the right track, let me know!


My application requires the following:

- Transmitting a repeating waveform

- Mixing the transmitted signal with the received signal

- FIR filtering & decimation