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AD9371 RF differential impedance UG-992 question

Question asked by guitarjrw on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by PVALAVAN

The following note was found on page 252 of UG-992. "Design the RF line systems between the device ball pad reference plane and the balun/filter reference plane for a differential impedance (ZDIFF) of 100 Ω for the receivers and 50 Ω for the transmitters. This is a compromise impedance with respect to frequency and a good starting point for design."


Why would the differential impedance of the receivers be different than the transmitters? We are laying out a wide band development board similar to the ADRV-9371W and i would like to make sure we get this right. I would think both the Rx and Tx would be 100 ohms differential, 50 ohms to ground?